A Song of Ice and Fire ~ names with meaning

Bran: meaning 'raven'
Sansa: meaning 'charm'
Arya: meaning 'truthful'
Rickon: meaning 'powerful leader'
Jon: meaning 'God has given'
Robb: meaning 'bright fame'
Catelyn: meaning 'pure'
Eddard: meaning 'guard'
Cersei: meaning 'to grow'
Jamie: meaning 'supplanter'
Tyrion: meaning 'land':
Robert: meaning 'bright fame'
Stannis: meaning 'famous for steadfast character'
Renly: can be derived from wren, a little bird
Loras: meaning 'pain'
Margaery: meaning 'pearl'
Gendry: meaning 'gentry'
Sam: meaning 'his name is God'

(Source: twinfiresigns, via tautouforyou)


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